Jorge Andres Azpurua Ramirez, Perseverance and Determination

May 20, 2016
How does one get from being kidnapped in Venezuela to becoming a managing member of an American capital firm? The answer is perseverance and determination. Jorge Andres Azpurua Ramirez has always worked hard to overcome challenges and adversity in order to achieve his goals. He lives by the practice of perseverance and determination no matter the circumstances. A great test of this perseverance and determination was in 2005,when he was kidnapped in Venezuela by a sophisticated organization related to economic and political groups. He was in captivity for nine months while the bank he managed was under a hostile takeover.

After his release, Jorge Andres Azpurua Ramirez continued to work in that same field of real estate management until only five years later, in 2010, he was forced to flee his country and move to the United States after the Venezuelan regime unleashed criminal attacks to over 300 real estate companies in the country.

Today, Jorge Andres Azpurua Ramirez serves on numerous boards in advisement positions as well as is a managing member of Green Hill Capital, LLC. He has accumulated over eighteen years of experience as a real estate investor and operator and brings those skills he developed into his position at Green Hill Capital as well as the boards he serves on. Some highlights from his career were his involvement in multiple real estate developments and managing mortgage portfolios in the $100 million range.